Thrifted Dresser to Dining Room Buffet

Thrifted Dresser to Dining Room Buffet

Thrifted Dresser to Dining Room Buffet

Well good morning folks!  This has been a busy week, and I’ve only managed to complete one full project which happens to be my second attempt at using dark wax to age a furniture piece.  

I picked this treasure up from a yard sale site online and originally it was meant for a customer, who later changed her mind (or more to the point, her hubby said he didn’t like it) yeah, you know who you are ;).

Thrifted Dresser to Dining Room Buffet

But, this gave me the perfect excuse to keep it and re-purpose it as a buffet for my dining room.  Wanting to follow with the blue theme used on my hutch redo project which has pride of place in my dining room I had a look through all of the blues I had in the garage in the paints and samples that I’ve collected, I found the nicest blue color in a small sample pot that I’d picked up on a curb alert (love those!).  To be extra sure of the finished color I painted some onto an old piece of wood that I had lying around and when it was dry I applied a layer of dark wax, as dark wax drastically changes the tone of any paint used its very important to test at this stage before you paint an entire project. When this was done and I was happy with the end result  I popped down to home depot and had them color match the paint. For this project, as I couldn’t get the color I wanted in a chalk paint, I opted to use Behr Marquee, it was expensive at nearly $40 for a gallon but it promised one coat coverage and super adhesion, both things that I loved about the chalk paint.  The adhesion is great but it definitely needed two coats which I didn’t mind.

As usual I started with scrubbing this piece down, it was in a bad way and was filthy as you can see from the dirty water after the first wash! I also sprinkled cat litter into the openings after I’d taken the drawers out as this dresser not only smelled old but also of cat pee, yeah gross I know!  Cat litter and a good scrub sorted this issue out within a couple of days and I was all set to get painting.  I wont bore you with the painting details as there are a million how to’s on Pinterest with detailed instructions, suffice to say, it was painted with two coats of the paint detailed above.

When the two coats were fully dry I distressed it slightly around the edges and put on a good layer of clear wax to protect it.  You can see from the pictures below just how bright the blue was after two coats, even I was nervous and I had tested the final color with the dark wax finished :).

I moved on to the dark wax, this was applied with my trusty wax brush. On each area I started in the corners, dabbing the wax into the cracks and crevices in each corner of drawers and then using what was left on the wax brush to brush in circles over the remaining part of each area, I then used an old t-shirt to wipe the excess wax off, leaving small built up areas in the corners.  It really is worth investing in a good wax brush for this step, I’ve included a link for my favorite. And….now I sit here and put all that into words I realize that I should have taken pictures of this process to help with the explanation, I promise that next time I’ll do a picture heavy, how-to post to show exactly how I get this aged look!

And the finished project in my dining room! 🙂

Thrifted Dresser to Dining Room Buffet

Would love your feedback on this finished piece, what do you think of the bright blue?

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9 Thoughts to “Thrifted Dresser to Dining Room Buffet”

  1. I am in love with that colour!

    1. It’s unusual for me to go with something so bold, i usually opt for more muted or neutral colors, but I love how this turned out 🙂

  2. Gorgeous! It’s definitely a statement piece. The pics where it looks grey: were those taken right after the wax was applied? Basically, my question is: what made it look that color from the bright blue? I have an old dresser that I want to turn into a tv stand, but I’m wanting to do a distressed cream color with a dark natural wood top… when I find the time… Great post!

    1. It was just the lighting and my iPhone camera that made it look more grey. I think my next post will be my tv console which sounds exactly as you describe here! Great minds think alike 😉

      1. Ooooo! Can’t wait to see it!! I might be pestering you with tips; watch out! 🙂

  3. That is just beautiful and it gives you so much storage space! Love the color!

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