Thrift Store Hutch Makeover

Thrift Store Hutch Makeover

Thrift Store Hutch Makeover

Welcome back peeps!  Today I thought I would share with you one of my first ever furniture painting projects.  As this was over a year ago unfortunately I don’t have many pictures of the process but I will share what I have.


I picked up this little beauty from a yard sale site for just $50, can you believe that!!  I fell in love with it, I loved the natural solid wood design and was happy to keep it just as it was.  The issue that I had was that our house has dark wood floors, and this is a dark wood hutch, in fact all of our furniture was dark and there isn’t a lot of natural light either, which all combined to make me feel loads better when I finally caved in and decided to paint this gorgeous piece.

I started off as usual by giving it a good scrub and taking off the doors and hardware.  Once this was all dry I sanded it to take the gloss finish off with 220 grit sandpaper and then put just one coat of primer on, I used Kilz Premium Primer as it has a stain blocker that helps to stop the wood stain bleeding through the paint (I had already picked up this much from Pinterest!).  Once it was all primed and dried, I applied two coats of latex paint, I think I used ColorPlace Satin, and it was so long ago I have no idea which color I chose or even if I bought one from the returns section.  I do know that I love this blue color and I’m gutted that I don’t have any more. The ColorPlace paint goes on smoothly enough, now that I have worked more with chalk paint however, I find that the cheaper latex paints are just a bit thin and take so much extra time and work I don’t think I’d use it for a bigger project like this again.

Whilst the paint was drying I turned my hand to the hardware for the cupboards and drawers.  I had already decided that I wasn’t going to put the glass doors back on the top of the hutch as I wanted a more open look, and I knew I wanted black hardware for the rest and looked at finding a good spray paint to use.  That’s when hubby came up with the idea of using Plastidip, now if you’ve not heard of this before I can tell you that it’s a fantastic product.  It sprays on like paint, dries looking almost like a flat rubbed metal, and the best bit?  If you decide you don’t like it, it peels right off!  Now this hardware has been on the hutch and used for over a year and there is no sign of it peeling or rubbing off so needless to say I’m very impressed, and I love the flat black look that it gives, so much so that I’ve used it on a ton of other projects too.

When this was all dry I put the hutch back together, keeping the glass doors for another project you can read about here, overall I love the finished look and it’s just what I wanted for my weirdo skull cabinet.  Hey! Don’t Judge!

(Skull Tea Set vinyl by Vinyl Destination)

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