Sunday Recap 01/22/17

Brass Obsession

Hello again folks, I’m back again with a quick recap of good stuff from the last couple of weeks.  And on a side note, I’ve also come to realize that this is a good way to stay positive as it makes me look back on things that I like, that have made me happy and that generally cheer me up even on a bad day, who doesn’t like a good exercise in positivity?

The last two weeks have been pretty hectic, most of my busyness associated with trying to publish the new self-hosted website and the problems that went along with that, as usual things didn’t run smoothly but we’re all up and running now which is a blessing as I was close to throwing in the towel, however, I’m still here to inspire and show off my amazing interior design skills 😉 (well, I’m trying lol).

So, with that lot being said, let me crack on with some cheerful stuff!

Firstly, I had a lovely shopping day out with my hubby.  Starting with breakfast from Cracker Barrel and covering all of my favorite stores.  I picked up this metal basket primarily for the pictures for my Kitchen Island makeover but it’s now put to use on my buffet holding some napkins 😊.  And I FINALLY found some affordable gold cutlery, I fell in love with the new Kate Spade range of brushed rose gold cutlery a few months back but I’m damned if I’m paying $90+ per place setting!  Picked these bad boys up for $40 at Home Goods 🙂  It would also seem that I’ve moved on to a ‘metal’ phase (no, not music, been there and have several t-shirts 😉).  I have a real thing for metal decor pieces right now, particularly bronze and brass, I think it’s a nice contrast to the creamy chalk finish texture of my furniture pieces, what do you think?

Staying with the metal theme, I also picked up this organizer for my desk area in an effort to tidy my work space up slightly.  I started a new project too, painting up a small chest of drawers to act as a printer table next to my desk, looking forward to seeing this all finished, although now I’ve started painting it I’m not sure I like the legs, we will see how that pans out.

With some very miserable January weather here in Delaware, and what seems like forever until spring, I picked up this blanket ladder (handmade by a talented local). And also scored what is quickly turning into my favorite blanket on clearance for just $20 in TJ Maxx, its like curling up in a sweater knitted by my mum 😊.

I was super excited to find this lunch bag by the Pioneer Woman at Walmart too! I love her range (did you spot the cute salt & pepper shakers next to my cutlery?) and I’ve been looking for one big enough to contain all of my snacks fruit for work and this is perfect, and it comes with its own wine bottle 😉.

Pioneer Woman Lunch Tote

And in case you were starting to think that this post would be all about stuff I’ve bought, here is a sneak of my Happy Planner for this week using this free printable I found from Miss Lizzy on Pinterest to track my FitBit activity, and a show off picture of the amazing first attempt at Ramen Noodles for dinner tonight, seriously, I’ve never even eaten instant ramen so this was a pleasant surprise and super healthy.

Overall, despite being exhausted, cold and desperate for summer, this week I’m incredibly grateful for family and friends who help me get through the tough days, and to you guys for reading my posts and giving me such good feedback, I’m looking forward to sharing all the good stuff I have lined up with you 🙂


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  1. How fun to see you are using my free printable tracker sticker. Thanks for the link back. Now I am going to have a cup of tea and look around on your blog. Looks nice. Have a great and creative day!

    1. The Unicorn Wife

      Thank you! They are exactly what I was looking for! Hope you enjoyed your look around 🙂

  2. Bex

    Wow. Your site looks completely different. Very chic!

    1. The Unicorn Wife

      Thanks hun! 🙃

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