Summer Lovin’ Dining Table Makeover

Summer Lovin' Dining Table Makeover

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Hello again people!  I’m back from a little break and all ready to work on some more re-loved items, and also to bring to you this post about one of the most colorful projects I’ve done to date.  Hope you love it as much as me :).

This table and chairs I picked up from a yard sale site, I know right! Who would’ve guessed ;)!  The chairs were old and in pretty bad shape but the table was exactly what I’d been looking for!  I’d been trying to find a Queen Anne style table to work on after seeing a picture of one painted in blue online, I fell in love with the idea of the blue with the bright patterned chair fabric and just knew that this would be the next thing to work on.

I don’t have before pictures of the chairs but you can see above how they looked after one coat of primer, I loved the ladder back lines of the chairs but they were such a pain to paint, especially as it was winter and I had to do the primer coat one chair at a time in my make do ‘spray booth’ set up in my garage.  At the same time I was busy painting two coats of a really good primer on the table, I used one with both stain and odor block properties at it all had a persistent ‘old’ smell that I couldn’t seem to get rid of.

Summer Lovin' Dining Table Makeover

When all of the primer was dried I finished the chairs with two coats of Antique White Latex paint and two coats of Poly Urethane to seal them well.  Then on to the table, I was so obsessed with this teal/turquoise/aqua color, I only had latex paint so I decided to go ahead and use this instead of trying to replicate the color in chalk paint.

Summer Lovin' Dining Table Makeover

 The paint went on smoothly and I was feeling confident that this piece was going to look fantastic, then it came time to seal the table top.  I had no problem with the Poly on the legs but when I got to the table top it was a different story, each time I would be left with both brush marks and bubbles, I sanded with 220 grit paper between coats of poly to try to fix this and it still didn’t help, I was getting frustrated and wondering if I was ever going to get it looking as good as I wanted it.  After what seemed like hours of research (and swearing) I came to the conclusion that it was the finish of the poly that I was using, I had originally wanted a flat/satin finish but found that when I switched and tried a semi-gloss (which has self levelling properties to minimize brush marks) I got the look that I wanted, plenty of protection on the table top and minimal brush marks, I was over the moon with how this looked!

With the table finished I moved onto the chairs, I had picked up this indoor/outdoor fabric from Joann’s on sale and loved that it had a slightly water-resistant finish, ideal for a family with small (i.e. messy) kids.  I covered the chair cushions and made a foam top for a bench that I had in the garage to complete the set.

I called this post ‘Summer Lovin’ Dining Table Makeover’ because despite the fact that it was February, freezing cold and miserable, as soon as I put this in my dining room not only did it brighten the room and make it feel summery and warm but also the sun came out just for my pictures :).  What do you guys think of the finished look?

Summer Lovin' Dining Table Makeover

8 Thoughts to “Summer Lovin’ Dining Table Makeover”

  1. What a stunning colour! Love it.

  2. I also am a huuuuuge fan of blue! Awesome transformation! 🙂

    1. Thank you! Its definitely one of my faves 🙂

  3. Such a fun set! I love the fabric on those chairs!

  4. I love the contrast of colors between the table and chairs. I also love the idea of a bench for a dining table. Can you give some details on how you applied the cushion to it? Maybe in another post…?

    1. Hey Bex,
      Thanks for the feedback! I don’t have any pictures of the bench being re-done but it was pretty easy. I picked up a piece of foam for the top from a local discount store (I know Joann’s sells foam too) and cut it to size with a serrated bread knife, I attached the foam to the top of the bench with spray adhesive which I love using as it will actually stick to anything! I then covered the foam in the same way as I do with the chair cushions and reattached the legs. Hope this helps 🙂

      1. Sounds easy enough. Thanks!

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