Re-Loved Shutter Project

Re-Loved Shutter Project

Happy Hump Day people!  Just a short post today to show off my handiwork on these cute little shutters, if you remember I mentioned them in Mondays Sunday Recap. It’s been a crazy busy day today, trying to get everything accomplished before I go back to work tomorrow and I really wanted to get these finished and up on the wall, and I did it, start to finish in about 5 hours, pretty impressive if you ask me 😉 The pictures above show how these looked when I picked them up from a yard sale, none of the shutter slats were broken but lots of the little metal loops had snapped off, I started by taking all of these out and removing the slider bar for opening and closing the slats.  And then realized that the slats were just flapping about and moving all over the place, no good for when you’re trying to paint lol after some thinking I did a quick bodge-job and glued a wooded paint stirrer stick to the back to hold the slats flat (well, these are just for my living room and no-one will see the back!) This worked a treat and I then removed the side hinges and filled the holes with wood filler, gave it a quick sand down and it was time to start painting. For such a small project I picked up a color sample of Behr Premium Plus Ultra in Clary Sage and went for a flat finish.

Re-Loved Shutter Project

The first coat went on, and to be honest, it looked pretty horrendous. From experience I know that it’s always worth carrying on at this point as sometimes just something as simple as a second coat of paint or a quick sand down can make a huge difference, and in this case it needed both 🙂  And the result was well worth it to frame the window pane that I have on the wall in my dining room.

What do y’all think?  My plan is to put my new piano underneath this window when its finished 🙂

That’s my quick update done, enjoy the rest of your week!



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  1. Makeovernfood

    What a pretty colour. Congrats.

    1. The Unicorn Wife

      Thank you 🙂

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