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Painted Piano Makeover

Back again folks!  And this week I’ve been working on my most whimsical project to date, you may have seen on Facebook or Twitter that I bought a piano!  Yep, I’ve not been this excited for a project in a long time, I was literally bouncing off the walls waiting to get this started 🙂

The picture above is a before picture, I picked this up from an online ad from a house clearance, in fact the house was derelict, windows missing, no ceilings, overall very gross conditions for this little beauty to be sat in for any amount of time, and I knew instantly that I could get it looking lovely in no time.  After lots of help from hubby and my neighbor we managed to get it in the garage ready for painting, who knew a small piano would weigh around 300lbs?? Not me! 😉

Before I could start painting anything though, this thing need cleaning, and I mean serious cleaning!  There was even what looked like fossilized cat throw up on the lid which was particularly gross, not to mention the stickers on the piano keys with the notes written on them lol When I eventually had it all cleaned up I gave it a quick coat of Zinsser Bulls-Eye Primer to stop any stain bleed through and also this helps to minimize any old, musty odor that you may get from these kinds of pieces.

I had already decided that I wanted a pale lemon for this, and thought it would look great with my new sage green shutters in the dining room (In fact, if I’m truthful, I had decided on a paint color before I even owned a piano!) I used Behr Premium Plus and got it tinted in just the right color, and just as I hoped, the yellow gave this thing a whole new life.  I opted to not paint the lid of the piano straight away as it has a real cute Wurlitzer logo painted on and my neighbor convinced me that it would be a shame to cover it, and she was right, I don’t think the unpainted section takes anything away from the image I had in my head of how this would look.

What do you think? I love how spring-like my dining room is looking, and I’m super glad for the sunshine that lasted for at least long enough to take the pictures 😉



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  1. What a beautiful transformation!!! Gorgeous!

    1. The Unicorn Wife

      Thank you! 😊

  2. Bex

    LOVE IT! Well done. 🙂

    1. The Unicorn Wife

      Thank you! 🙃

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