Re-loved Bedroom Set

Re-Loved Dresser Makeover

Re-Loved Dresser Makeover

Hello again peeps!  Check out the before picture above of this weeks re-loved project, what d’you think? I picked this up from a local yard sale site and was super excited to get cracking on it, literally just for the opportunity to work with such an amazing color palette.  A friend of mine has just moved and wanted something for her daughter’s room and this dresser and night stand set seemed like a good bet. However, with the cold weather and extra hours at work it seems to have taken forever to do, but I finally got it all finished and delivered.

We decided on an ombre effect with the drawers and after a quick trip to home depot for sample pots of the colors she chose I got started, first applying a coat of a good primer to the super shiny wood as I wasn’t using chalk paint for this set and the primer helps the latex paint adhere to the piece.  And, as nothing has run smoothly this last week I don’t know why I was surprised when I noticed that the top part of the dresser had separated, I’m thinking that it was there before and just wasn’t as noticeable until I painted it in white.  Time to call in my gorgeous assistant who, with the help of ratchet straps and a nail gun, managed to get it all put back in place 🙂 Don’t know what I’d do without him!


While the second coat of primer was drying it was time to move onto the drawers.  The original handles were in the center of each drawer, and, well, they were ugly so they had to go.  I removed them and filled the holes with wood filler, sanding it smooth before painting.  Can I just say that it was SO nice to work with different colors for a change, as much as I love my farmhouse style in the dining room, I’d been getting a bit fed up with the white and wood. In fact, I’ve finished two dining tables in that style recently that I didn’t even bother to write a post about as I guessed you guys would get just as bored as me 😉 So, with colorful joy in my heart I got the drawer fronts painted and set them aside to dry.

I then moved onto painting the dresser and night stand bases, these took three coats of Rustoleum Ultra Cover latex paint in Semi Gloss, this finish would match the semi gloss of the Behr Marquee paint used on the drawer fronts.  After it was all dry, and after a long day at work, my and the hubby drilled new holes in the drawers and attached some cute glass handles for a girly finishing touch.

I have to say, I love the finished set, and luckily so did my friend and her daughter!  What do you guys think? And in case any of you noticed that the set originally came with two night stands, I will keep you updated with whatever happens to the leftover one 🙂

Re-Loved Dresser Makeover


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  1. Em

    They look awesome!! 😍

  2. I love that look! We may think about doing something similar for our girls room when we move into our new house. Great job!

  3. Gorgeous!!!! Just fabulous!!!!

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