Quick update

Hey peeps 🙂

I thought I’d write a quick update with an explanation for the lack of posts and interaction with you guys for the last month or so. You see, I quit smoking! After over 25 yrs of smoking 2 packs a day, I went cold turkey at the end of August, a good thing right?  Well, you’d think so, all the health benefits not to mention the money saved should be enough to make me feel pretty damn awesome, but I didn’t count on ‘Quitters Depression’, who knew that was even a thing?? Over three months in and I’m still struggling each week to find motivation to do anything, I’m generally miserable and irritable (more so than my usual moody cow persona) and a complete pain in the ass to live with right now.  I also lost all interest in fixing up furniture which sucked as that took up most of my time, I was expecting to be more productive with all of the extra time on my hands previously spent smoking….but no, nothing, zilch.

That being said, this week I’m starting to feel a little better, a little more positive and a little more productive, fingers crossed this lasts as I have a ton of plans for the New Year and will be so mad at myself if I let things slide again like I have recently.  So stay tuned for more furniture fix-ups and decor delights, I will also be starting to share some of my joy at discovering the Happy Planner 🙂

Thanks for your continuing support folks, you guys rock!


4 Thoughts to “Quick update”

  1. Ria Kendall

    Well done Kell, it’s bloody hard at our age to quit long standing habits!
    You will feel the benefits, eventually….so will your family 😉 once you stop being irritated by everything! xxRia

  2. Ahhhh! I’ve missed seeing your posts! Can’t wait for the next reveal. I hope all the best in regards to your quitting smoking.

  3. Congratulations! Quitting anything is never easy, you should be proud. Getting over the physical and emotional break-up with cigarettes is a real thing. You will get your groove back and I bet it will be more dazzling than before.

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