Quick Hutch Update

Quick Hutch Update

Quick Hutch Update

This week I’ve taken on a quick project to help out a friend.  She had been looking for a small hutch for her dining room for what seems like forever and finally came across this, which is gorgeous!  

It was a handmade piece and was a bit dinged up, the shelves were bowed slightly and the glass had a pretty strange pattern etched on them but it was exactly what she needed  for the space available and it wouldn’t need that much work to make this beautiful again.

As usual it needed a good scrub as it was dusty and dirty.  I took the glass out of the doors and removed the hardware from the doors and drawers before cleaning it all.  I used just one coat of Rustoleum Chalked Paint in Linen as I didn’t want to cover the imperfections in the wood, I couldn’t fix the shelves and it was going to be distressed anyway so I really thought that a shabby look would look better than fully coated pristine white paint.

My friend had decided that the inside back would be covered in contact paper that was on order, but while we waited on this I used a pale grey chalk paint that looked great until the paper arrived and would also look good if we messed up applying contact paper and it all went horribly wrong ;). When the paint was dry I cut chicken wire to fit the openings where the glass had been removed and stapled it in place.  I attached the fancy new hardware and put all the pieces back together, yep sometimes it’s like a furniture jigsaw!

This hutch looks amazing in its new home and shows off this awesome Rae Dunn collection to perfection, I love it!   What do you guys think of this quick update?

3 Thoughts to “Quick Hutch Update”

  1. The new look suits the contents better than the original. Love it!

  2. Beautiful! I love the chicken wire!

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