Painted Rocking Chair Makeover

Painted Rocking Chair Makeover

Painted Rocking Chair Makeover

This summer I had the idea to pick up a child’s rocking chair and paint it as a gift for my Granddaughter, I already had some ideas of themes and was super excited to get started.  But as is usual around here, I didn’t find a good rocking chair for a while, and then two came along at once lol so I grabbed both :).  

They were both in need of some TLC and unfortunately I don’t have any before pictures, one was painted white and just needed a quick clean up before I could get to painting, the other however had been painted with a red gloss paint that had dripped and bubbled and needed to be completely stripped and sanded back to bare wood, needless to say this took forever! Or at least 8 hrs of work which feels like forever in sanding hours ;).  When this was all eventually done it was time to get painting, I did one with a Dr. Seuss theme and one with Alice in Wonderland, at this point I was still not sure which one would go to my Granddaughter.  I spray painted a base color on both chairs and then painted the stripes and different colors by hand, and found that i’m not great with straight lines as you can see! The pictures are in vinyl cut out on my Silhouette and and each chair was given several coats of Polyurethane for protection.

I loved how these turned out for my first hand-painted projects.

The Dr. Seuss chair is going to my Granddaughter when I visit next week, and I will update with a picture of her and her new chair :). I had just about decided to sell the Alice in Wonderland chair when my sister started a GoFundMe page to raise money for a memorial for a very special young man (check out #ConnorStrong for more info), I decided then that I would sell the chair with the money going to this great cause.

Let me know what you think of these, I love the idea of kids reading chairs!

4 Thoughts to “Painted Rocking Chair Makeover”

  1. Awesome designs and great reading chairs!

  2. These are absolutely adorable. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

    1. Thank you! I’m not sure I could do it again as they were a lot of work lol

  3. […] loved getting this picture from my Daughter, my Granddaughter loves her Dr Seuss chair that I painted for her birthday and already likes to sit in it and look at her […]

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