March Recap 

Farmhouse Table

Well it’s halfway through March! The last few weeks have flown by in a whirlwind of work, sleep, cold weather and getting sick but finally things seem to be calming down, phew! I’ve not got any decor buys to share with you right now as I’m trying to cut back on frivolous purchases and save some money, BUT I do have a couple of other tidbits to share 🙃.

Firstly, I’ve been busy tackling a buffet Makeover that was kicking my butt for two weeks, you can read about that one here.


Buffet Makeover
I finished another farmhouse table, this one was a request by a lady who later changed her mind and wanted one with chairs but it didn’t stick around for long once I listed it for sale, it was super sturdy with a geared mechanism for the leaf, overall a great table 😊

I also started a painted bed project to help out a friend, she’d started painting it and had the weirdest thing happen, several days after painting two coats it looked like the paint had nearly disappeared, it looked like donut glazing rather than paint, it seems to be a problem with the paint so this week I will try to sand it and paint it again for her.


The big news for this week is that we are in the process of buying our first house! 😬 I’m finally gonna be a real grown up lol I’m so excited about the blank canvas for decorating the new place!

I’ve also been told that I have a problem with saying no, not to extra work or helping someone out, but to furniture, I’m making room in my garage for several new pieces coming as part of a house clearance, well it’d be silly to say no to that right? I’m sure I can make room 🤔

And lastly, for a few years it’s been a joke between hubby and I that one day I would buy a five foot metal chicken and guess what??…..I didn’t buy it but was super stoked to even see one in a store 😜


That’s all of my news for now folks


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