How to Turn a Yard Sale Hutch into a TV Console 

How to Turn a Yardsale Hutch into a TV Console

How to Turn a Yardsale Hutch into a TV Console

Happy weekend people! I’m getting ready to take a few days off from blogs and projects to hang out with my hubby finally, but before I do I thought I’d leave you with this ‘How To’ on using the base of a pretty knackered yard sale hutch and turning it into an awesome TV Console 🙂 

How to Turn a Yardsale Hutch into a TV Console

As you can see, this thing was pretty beat up, the top part had a lot of water damage and being made of press-board rather than real wood I wasn’t sure that this part was fixable (turned out I saved it but that’s another project story 😉), so I decided I could use just the bottom part and re-purpose this into a much-needed TV Console for our living room.

Right at the start I knew it needed a new top as, well duh, it had no top lol I had also decided that I wanted to just keep the center drawers and to leave both sides open for crates so I got to measuring before my trip to Home Depot for supplies, (Note: if you’re buying wood at Home Depot, take your own tape measure as the size on the label or shelf isn’t necessarily the size of the wood! Example, I picked up wood that was marked at 6″ wide, it was in fact only 5.2″ which totally screwed with my calculations 😡) when I actually had enough wood for the top and the shelves inside I was ready to get started.  First off, I cut two pieces of thin MDF and fitted them into the gap on each side, lining them up with the top drawer (see picture) I then took the hardware off and gave the whole thing a good wash, for this piece I also gave everything two coats of a good primer as the stain was bleeding through the paint on the small test area, and this was the only project where I had actually remembered to paint a test patch!

How to Turn a Yardsale Hutch into a TV Console

When the primer and was dry, I applied two coats of a latex paint in Antique White and distressed around the edges before applying a coat of Polycrylic.  I also sprayed the hardware with black PlastiDip as I love the matt finish of this and if/when I want to change it up I can just peel it off, how cool is that?? With the hardware re-attached the main part done, I was just left with piecing together the top.

The wood for the top got a quick sanding to smooth it and a coat of Wood Conditioner before two coats of Minwax Dark Walnut wood stain, I wanted a bare wood finish to match the other pieces in the room so I skipped any protective finish. Now, I don’t have any reason that liquid would end up on my TV Console, if you have small kids, a clumsy hubby or anything that could cause this wood to be in contact with liquid I would recommend a couple of coats of Poly to protect it.

How to Turn a Yardsale Hutch into a TV Console

When the stain was dry (OK, before the stain was dry because I’m stupidly impatient) I got hubby to attach the pieces to the top, I opted for screwing each piece into the frame from above as the industrial look of the metal screw heads showing matched my theme but you could also attach it from underneath if you have enough room to work.

And, the finished project, exactly what I wanted for that space and a complete turn around from the crappy piece of furniture I’d started with.  I think this was the moment hubby realized he could trust my judgment and ‘vision’ when I turn up in the garage with what looks like junk 😁 what do you think?

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  1. Really nice! The planks on top give it a whole new look.

  2. I wish WP had a Love button.

  3. That’s exactly what I’m wanting to do to mine! I was thinking about leaving the top drawers on mine and opening the bottom ones for baskets/movies… I especially love the bold contrast of the hardware. Thanks for sharing (as always)! 🙂

    1. It’s easier than you think lol Can’t wait to see pictures when you do yours!

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