Glass Door Repurpose

Glass Door Repurpose

Here I thought I would give you a quick look at a project I did to repurpose some glass doors that I had leftover from my Thrift Store Hutch Makeover. I used three out of the four left over doors, I removed the glass and kept it carefully to one side, I then gave the doors a quick sand with 220 grit sandpaper and used wood filler to fill the holes from the hardware.

When this was dry, I sanded the wood filler so that it was flush and smooth and wouldn’t show through the paint.  I then mixed up some chalk paint following this recipe that I found on Pinterest and got to painting.  Two coats of chalk paint later and it was ready for distressing.  This was my first attempt at distressing something that I had just painted and I have to admit, it kind of freaked me out, I mean why spend all that time getting the paint smooth and even, just to go at it with sandpaper?  But, I did it, and I loved it!  I just distressed a little on the edges of the frames to show the dark wood and it came out awesome, now it was time for some wax, I used Americana Clear Wax for the first time with this project and was pleased with it, in fact I still use it for most of my projects now.

I loved how they were looking at this point (sorry for the lack of pictures again!)  but still hadn’t picked out anything to go in them, after talking to a photographer friend I decided that I would like some pictures of local woods in the fall, she obligied like the great friend that she is and sent me the files, I got them printed to size at Nations Photo Lab and this is the finished result 🙂

Glass Door Repurpose

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  1. […] dry I put the hutch back together, keeping the glass doors for another project you can read about here, overall I love the finished look and it’s just what I wanted for my weirdo skull cabinet. […]

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