DIY Restoration Hardware Style Bedroom Set

DIY Restoration Hardware Style Nightstands

DIY Restoration Hardware Style Nightstands

Hi Folks!  I’m still here, I promise!  Apologies for not posting a great deal the last couple of weeks, I’m up to my eyes in packing and sorting stuff to move house, on top of work, and I’m soooo tired! I did however find some time to revamp some bedroom furniture ready for the new house 🙂

I had decided that the master bedroom and bathroom would be the rooms that I finish decorating first when we move in, usually this is the last on the list and pretty much never gets done before we have to move again so I thought I’d get a head start this time and have the furniture sorted and ready to go, can’t wait to show you all pics of the new house but for now I’ll stick to this re-loved bedroom set.

I picked up two of the night stands pictured above from a local yard sale site (my favorite place to shop) and knew instantly that they would work so well with a Restoration Hardware style makeover, for those of you not familiar with Restoration Hardware think chunky, rustic, industrial farmhouse furniture, they sell amazing stuff, but I’m certainly not in a position to fork out $900+ each on night stands! So I figured I’d have a go and see if I could recreate the look with these yard sale bargains.

Sad to say I didn’t take any pics of the during process but as these things were solid natural wood they just needed a light sand to remove the very thin coat of poly left on them.  They also had the most amazing handles and hinges that were wire twisted around the handle or a loop in the hinge and then bent back and hammered into the wood, a complete butt pain to remove and replace but hubby did a sterling job on doing just that and I managed to keep the original hinges and just swapped out the handles for some oil rubbed bronze knobs to compliment the blue.

I painted the doors and drawer fronts with a mix of Rustoleum Chalked in Charcoal and a small amount of a blue latex paint that I had leftover in the garage.  And I gave the rest of it just one coat of MinWax wood stain in Jacobean, the result was way better than I had imagined and I love the rustic feel of these pieces 🙂

I also had a dresser that had been sat in the garage for a few months waiting for inspiration to strike and I managed to use the same paint, stain and handles for a quick makeover, now I just need to find a longer dresser to complete the set and my new bedroom will be looking great!

DIY Restoration Hardware Style Dresser

What do you guys think?  No nicely staged pics yet as I’m waiting until we move to get them situated (in fact, hubby refuses to put them upstairs just to have to move them again in a couple of weeks) 🙂



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