DIY – Bookcase Build

DIY Bookcase Build

DIY Bookcase Build

Welcome back folks, today I am excited to share this DIY build project with you.  Over the last few years I’ve had to seriously cut down on my book collection, purely from lack of space and for a book geek like me this is torture!  After starting with close to 1,000 books  I’ve finally thinned the collection down to books that I really couldn’t part with and hubby decided that in celebration of finally being able to realistically display them all in one room he would build me the bespoke bookcase that he’d promised, which I believe was mainly down to him wanting to use the new saw we’d bought for the garage, yes, my plan worked 😉

He drew up some plans working from some ideas that I’d liked online of bookcase built with wood and pipes, I had decided that I wanted some bolts or hardware for this to tie in with the other pieces in the room (See my TV Console), a quick trip to Home Depot to pick up the wood and hardware that we needed and we’re ready to go.

He started by cutting the wood to size for the supports and the shelves, and giving all of the wood a sand down prior to painting and staining, it needed to be super smooth as I already knew that it would be just stained and not have any protective coat to be able to match both my desk and the TV console in the living room.

DIY Bookcase Build

After securing the support posts to the top and bottom shelves and adding the bolts for the middle shelves it was all put together to check it all fit 🙂

Then the shelves were stained with MinWax Dark Walnut to match the other items in the living room and the support posts painted white, when it was all dry it was bought into the house to be put together and ….. Walla!!  I had a bespoke bookcase for (some) of my book collection 😉 I also added a quote from Terry Pratchett to the front of the top shelf with my Silhouette Curio vinyl cutter which finished it all off nicely, I’m so pleased with it, what do you think??

DIY Bookcase Build


5 Thoughts to “DIY – Bookcase Build”

  1. Just curious, what are the dimensions? It looks pretty tall compared to the light switch in the pic.

    1. Hi, it’s 4′ tall by 7′ wide 🙂 I’m working on getting him to build me another one as this looks cramped and I still have more books lol

      1. Wow. You should just get him to build you a library. 😀

        1. Haha! That’s in my dream house lol

  2. That’s great–especially for people like us who can easily fill up a new bookcase in a few months!

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