Farmhouse Dining Table & Chairs

Farmhouse Dining Table & Chairs

Farmhouse Dining Table & Chairs

Well this weeks project has been this gorgeous yard sale table & chairs makeover.  I picked this set up for my daughter and it was a steal for a solid oak table, I was like a kid at Xmas :).  I had plenty of time to get this done as we aren’t due to visit them in Texas for a while and this was perfect as I hate feeling rushed.  With this post I’m going to try for a little more instructional pics and info, let me know how I get on and if it would inspire/help you to try your own project?

The table started with a good coat of Citristrip to remove the varnish from the table top, after a few hours I was able to scrape this off and give it a wash down.  I wasn’t too concerned with evenness at this point as it was going to be sanded thoroughly and stripping the top coat was just to give the sander a helping hand.

Farmhouse Dining Table & Chairs

Once the table top has been sanded until no stain shows and it is smooth, I would usually apply stain at this point.  But…. I have decided to try something new, you know how recently I’ve been all into the dark wax /antiquing wax thing?  Well I noticed when I was testing a dark wax on a piece of scrap wood that it darkened the wood nicely and also provided the top coat/protective layer all in one product.  So, I decided to try this on the table top, first I distressed the wood slightly as I wanted the worn, farmhouse table feel.  For this, I used a hammer, some nail holes and a tire iron to mark up this table nicely, and yes, it was a lot of fun lol When this was all done I applied one coat of this Antiquing Wax (skipping the usual coat of clear wax first as I wanted the dark wax to stain the wood),  I worked in small areas applying the wax in a circular motion on each area, I waited a couple of minutes and wiped it off and repeated until the table was covered with the first coat. The result from this first coat? It was beautiful! And after two more coats of dark wax, waiting a full day in between for the wax to harden I fell in love, not only with the color but also the smooth, velvety feel of the wood, it felt like just sanded bare wood.  

While the last coat of wax was curing I got to painting the pedestal of the table in White Linen Chalk Paint, when it was dry I distressed it and gave it a coat of clear wax before re-assembling the table, I was so super excited about this table that it even crossed my mind to find another for my daughter and keep this one for myself!

 With the table all finished up I turned to the chairs, I had decided to try using our new paint sprayer for these and the best thing about that?  Well, hubby was now back from his work trip and like all good hubbys he insisted on using the power tools 😉 As you can see from the pictures below, it didn’t take long for my gorgeous assistant to get these chairs painted with one coat of primer and one coat of chalk paint, they were then distressed and given a coat of matt finish poly to protect the finish.

All in all I can honestly say that the finished set is one of my favorites and I was really sad to see it go, although it looks great in my daughters dining room and will hopefully be the family table they needed for years to come.

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  1. That is super cute and I like the dark stain you used on top!

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