Chest of Drawers Makeover


Well hello again guys, hope you’ve all had a good week?  No Sunday update this week as it’s been particularly uneventful here, with the exception of this little project for my office area, I mentioned buying this piece a few weeks ago, as well as my excitement for these gorgeous handles I found online, well this week it was time to put it all together into something lovely, and well ‘me’ 🙂

I started as usual by removing the hardware and giving everything a good wash, and believe me this thing needed it! After cleaning it with TSP and Lysol wipes I let it dry before giving it a first coat of Rustoleum Chalked paint in Linen.  It was at this point I realised that I really didn’t like the legs, like they looked all wonky and as if they were never meant to be attached to this piece of furniture, do you agree?

I decided to replace the legs and started looking around for other options, I was thinking that a more ‘mid-century’ look would work and found the perfect set on Amazon (link below if you’re interested), when they arrived they were really beautiful, gorgeous dark wood, however, I had also picked up the most amazing Antique Bronze metallic paint by Americana Decor and decided to try it out on the legs, the pictures really don’t do this paint justice, it dried with a lustrous sheen to it that really sets off the white chalk paint, I love it!

When this was all done it was time to call on my hubby talented assistant to put the handles on for me, I’m still SO excited about these, they remind me of a library and call to my inner geek! Overall I love the transformation of this old piece of furniture into something lovely to put next to my desk to hold my printer, what do you guys think?




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  1. hello I have nominated you for a blogging award. here is the link

  2. very good work. new hardware is far more beautiful but if I were you I would keep the original legs but I would paint them like the new leg’s colour. Also you work looking very nice and inspiring. congrats.

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