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Hi guys, I’m Kelly and this is a quick introduction to me and my blog.  I’m Brit living in America after marrying an awesome guy in the Air Force, this blog kind of documents my sudden surge of unexpected creativity when I became a Military Spouse.

When we got orders to leave England I was super excited, my mind was full of all the possibilities for travel and experiencing a different culture, what I found was……boredom!  Yep, you heard me, within a week of moving to America, hubby had started back at work (on night shift), I had an accident with a kitchen knife and my finger which would prove to be a complete pain in more than one sense, I couldn’t drive or take my driving test due to said accident, therefore I couldn’t work for the first time in many, many years.  On top of this I am a serious introvert, I mean I hate meeting and talking to people I don’t know, all of this combined made me feel very bored, and very nervous.

A few weeks after the move and our household goods were delivered, damaged. It was at this time I decided to paint my first piece of furniture to try to disguise the damage, and the rest as they say, is history.

I’ve since discovered a passion for anything creative whether that be sewing, cooking (which I’ve always adored) or refurbishing used furniture.  This blog is aimed at sharing my passion for all of these as well as helping others out there try, and succeed, in being able to do the same. Any links to products are based on what I like to use and would recommend to friends, if the product is no good i’ll tell you 🙂 Go on, pick up a paintbrush and join me!


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  1. When you get a chance…would you email me please…kelleysdiy@gmail.com. Please.

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