3 Goals for my Blog

Hey there, I’ve just started the Branding & Growth free class on WordPress and the first task is to write out 3 goals for my blog, so, here goes:

  1. Gain More Followers.  Seems pretty self-explanatory but for a little background, eventually I would like to be able to use affiliate links and advertising to make some money from this (See goal #3) so more followers is essential.  My initial aim is to increase my followers to 100 by 11/04/16
  2. Blog Twice Weekly:  Again, this seems like an easy one 🙂 but with work and real life I often struggle to find time for one blog post, not to mention that each one needs the time for the project in question to be completed.  But my aim here is to publish one Round-Up/Best Of type post and one original project post each week by 11/04/16.
  3. Affiliate Links / Ads: As mentioned in goal #1 my longer term goal is to get set up with affiliate links and ads to be able to make some money back on the blog to top up the income I get from selling some of my project pieces.  As I need a LOT more followers on here as well as Pinterest I will need to take the extra time to study more regarding how to do this, I’m estimating at least a six month time frame and would aim to get my first payment by 04/06/17.

So, there are my goals set out for all to see, I must admit that it’s a bit nerve-wracking.  Hopefully with some hard work and commitment I can get where I want to be with this blog. Well, I am a Unicorn after all 😉

6 Thoughts to “3 Goals for my Blog”

      1. You inspired me to work on a project over the weekend! I painted and scuffed up an old coat rack that is now standing in my office. Its a light blue with hints of the preexisting cherry color showing through. I’ve gotten lots of compliments on it. 🙂

        1. Awesome! Would love to see a picture of it, I love it when I can inspire people 🙂

  1. I aim to post twice weekly also, but it’s harder than it sounds. Real life has a way of throwing even the best laid plans out the window!

  2. Browneyedgalabroad

    Go for it – I’m trying to post twice a week but as you can probably tell, it’s not quite happening!

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